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Inspecting complex aerospace parts with X-ray CT

Morgane - 13/12/2021
For any shape or form of aerospace parts, X-ray CT is effective to check-in product quality, develop improved parts by taking into account security, waste reduction, environmentally friendly materials and most importantly inspecting without destroying the part.

Multiple analyses on composite components with X-ray CT

Paul - 03/11/2021
As very diverse materials, composite components are widely used in various industrial fields such as the aerospace, automotive, naval industries… require high-grade control and inspection operations during the overall production process. X-ray CT, as a powerful non-destructive technology, is used to inspect composite components in an easy way and is the only one giving the ability to see inside the matter.

Assembly inspection of complex parts with X-ray CT

Roland - 13/09/2021
When an object is assembled from different components, it represents multiple hidden features and important characteristics. X-ray CT can be used to investigate the assembly quality, at any step of the production process, with the distinct advantage of providing an internal and external visualization of the object without having to disassemble it and lose crucial information.

Optimizing the reverse engineering process with X-ray CT

Adrien - 29/08/2021
Reverse engineering is the production of a real part into a digital dataset. As there are various ways to do so, X-ray CT proves to be the fastest technology to generate a 3D model of a real part.

Improving defect analysis with X-ray CT

Ludovic - 16/08/2021
As a non-destructive imaging technique, X-ray CT allows the inspection of defects in the material's structure such as cracks, porosities, or inclusions. A multitude of industrial applications requires the use of computed tomography, to control manufacturing objects during the production stage.

X-ray CT improves all stages of product life cycle in the industrial sector

Ludovic - 07/04/2021
X-ray Computed Tomography is the most advanced technology for 3D inspection. As a nondestructive imaging technique, it operates at all stages of the product life cycle. Thus, getting a perfect insight into the invisible features of parts allows to capture, investigate, measure & analyze internal and external structures of components in a nondestructive way.