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software: x-act

From the setup of the system to the CT scan’s 3D rendering, everything is combined in a single software suite called X-Act.

rx solutions
X-Act software


RX Solutions X-Act software integrates a complete interface to inspect accurately your samples. This is not only an acquisition and reconstruction software, it is above all an advanced solution that embeds a large number of functionalities that always enable to get the best possible results, whatever the sample.

Key Features

  • - Easy and intuitive interface
    - Multiple acquisitions modes : Conventional, helical, laminography, shift & stack modes
    - Programmable automatic calibration and stabilization
    - Automated wizard enabling non expert users to run CT scans
    - Real time artefacts corrections: focal spot drift, ring artefacts, beam hardening, phase contrast...

X-Act : A powerful x-ray software
radiography, acquisition & reconstruction


Live inspection

Radiography is quick and easy with X-Act. Software filters are included to improve sharpness and contrast.  3D measurements can be taken directly on the  radio.



Data acquisition


The workpiece previously positioned in the equipment rotates through 360°. During this rotation, a set of radio projections are acquired at different angles.



Data processing


All the projections made during the acquisition step are reconstructed as a 3D volume. The volume thus generated will serve as the basis for the optional third step: post-processing.

X-Act Ct Art :
Advanced Artefacts Reconstruction

Phase Contrast Removal


High resolution in X-Ray µCT generally means the occurrence of small angle scattering also known as phase contrast artefacts, especially with low absorbing materials. Phase signal contributions are no longer negligible regarding the X-Ray absorption, resulting in a new contrast phenomena that offers edges enhancements, but a lower absorption contrast between phases.


Beam Hardening Correction

This correction allows you remove beam artefacts from your component without having a proper spectrum estimation. It's a user-guided algorithm offering a simple way to compute the estimated absorption photons curve and correct the image deviation.


Ring Artefact Removal


Ring artefacts result from a non-linear response of the detector which generates circular artefacts centered on the rotation axis. This correction works directly on the projections and preserves the image features/resolution.