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innovations :
enhanced Features

in situ experiments

In situ experiments are fully compatible with RX Solutions CT. The large volume cabinets, the design and the software plugins, integrated as standard in any systems, allow an easy and complete integration with external equipment.

In association with the major tensile stage manufacturer, Deben, the testing stages allow to observe and interpret materials behaviors under different mechanical stress conditions, as compression, torsion or extension and temperature variations

guided acquisition and wizard

Guided acquisition and Wizard are options that facilitate the user to perform an high quality Computed Tomography acquisition even with limited knowledge of the technology. They complete the offer, including the standard expert acquisition mode, available for the advanced users willing to setup the system and going deeper on the parameters setting.

Guided acquisition mode is designed to configure the acquisition parameters step by step with the user and suggesting the preferable settings values for each operation.

Wizard mode is a fully automatic acquisition tool. The user acts as supervisor and the complete acquisition process is left to the system.

metal artefact correction

Metal Artefact Correction is an advanced algorithm implemented in X-Act reconstruction software. Obtaining a noise free image is the main aim of the acquisition and reconstruction process. The metal artefact correction improves the quality for multimaterial samples, in particular the one combining both dense and light materials.

A simple interface permits the software to identify the densest regions and reduce the noise on the entire volume. The tool performs efficiently in most of occasions increasing the scanning quality for samples combining plastic and metallic inserts.

detectors and tubes changeability

Some RX Solutions systems are designed to allow X-Rays detectors and tubes change.

Quick and accurate positioning chuck permits to switch from one detector to another. It is then feasible to perform a first scan with a standard flat panel and latter go for a high-resolution scan with a CCD camera. The change only takes a few minutes and does not require any knowledge about the technology.

Concerning X-Ray tubes, biggest RX Solutions systems are provided with two tubes allowing for instance to get a common 150kV sealed tube and an high resolution 160kV opened tube in the same machine. Going from one to the other is fully automatic and done with X-Act software. Other systems can be provided with one tube but get the capacity to be updated with a second one latter.

shift, stack and helical modes

Shift, Stack and Helical modes are options available in X-Act software in order to handle complex part geometries. They are not available for all systems and their use really depends on the samples to be scanned.

Shift mode is a virtual extension of the detector in the horizontal direction. Once programmed, the acquisition and reconstruction are taking into account this shift option and nothing is different from a standard scan. Stack mode is exactly the same but in the vertical direction and they can be combined in order to create a big virtual detector.

Helical mode is slightly different and allows to scan long part saving time by following a spiral trajectory. This mode can also be useful to avoid some plane artefacts created with particular geometries.