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X-Act Software :
Advanced Features

Multiple scanning strategies & great flexibility 

X-Act is a powerful software with an easy and intuitive user interface. Delivered with an incredible number of functionalities, X-Act enables you to set the perfect parameters for the scanning process, for any kind of sample.
X-Act allows multiple scanning strategies, from conventional CT scan mode to multiple advanced acquisition capabilities, such as helical, stack, shift, laminography, limited angles, Region of interest zooming, Dynamic 4D CT…


X-Act software suite by RX Solutions includes multiple artefacts compensations plugins that enhance CT scans:
- Geometry, focal spot movement, phase contrast, ring artefact, beam hardening, metal artefacts and more

AUTOMATION, macro & scripting 

Automation, macro & scripting allow the programming of automatic scans when carrying out inspections of large series of samples.
They can drastically increase the throughput of your CT system and the overall productivity. Unique scripting capabilities allow you to extend or custom fit the system to your needs.