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Rx solutions

RX Solutions offers specific training in 2D radioscopy and 3D computed tomography, to help you get the most of your CT system.


User training is provided in three different modules:

  • Basic training
    Participants learn how to use their CT system and they quickly become familiar with the software. At the end of the training, the participants are able to perform a scan from acquisition to reconstruction with optimized acquisition parameters. Safety instructions and basic maintenance are also included. This training session can be based on the users’ samples.
  • Advanced training
    The advanced training completes the basic training. This advanced session usually takes place after the basic training and also after a few weeks of equipment operation. The session covers powerful systems options: Advanced CT acquisition and reconstruction modes, scripting, automation ... Advanced training gives deeper insights and helps the CT user mastering all the aspects of its equipment.
  • On-request training
    Personalized training sessions can be organized on request and the content tailored to your needs. An RX Solutions expert will come on-site to help you get the most of your CT system for your specific applications.

rx solutions

Looking after your x-ray system is simple.

Our Services Team will support you from system planning and installation to system operation and maintenance. They will provide you with basic and expert training, with hot line support & remote assistance and with comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance contracts. 

We will ensure that your CT system is kept upgraded with the latest functionalities we develop, to enhance its performance and to better serve your applications. Our Services Team will help prevent unnecessary downtime and extend the lifetime of your CT system to maximize your return on investment.

RX Solutions Remote Assistance

Connect with an expert
The technical service team can be contacted at any time during RX Solutions opening hours (9h – 18h00 CET from Monday to Friday).
Our engineers can remotely access the system to provide application support or to troubleshoot the system.

Hardware & Software Maintenance

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance Contracts
Maintenance contracts can be provided directly by RX Solutions or by our certified Service Partners
The maintenance contracts include an annual on-site visit by a service engineer who will verify, maintain and calibrate the system.

Repair Service

Connect with an expert
RX Solutions service engineers are also available on-request for on-site troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of your equipment.