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Every month, RX Solutions publishes new articles in order to give you more insights on x-ray computed tomography. Discover the latest articles written by our X-ray CT experts

Textile fiber inspection by X-ray Computed Tomography (CT)

Morgane - 19/07/2022

Innovation has been at the core of the textile industry, since the beginning. Always looking for innovative ways to produce and create new fibres and manufacturing processes, X-ray CT as a 3D NDT technology go along with these developments giving precious insights.

MERIT Medical - explore medical devices with Steven Weir

Paul - 01/06/2022
With Steven Weir, Vice President at Merit Medical we discussed the benefits of X-ray Computed Tomography for the medical devices sector, its current challenges and the CT systems used within the Merit Medical lab.

CNES - critical components inspection with X-ray CT for space exploration

Morgane - 19/05/2022
CNES, using X-ray Computed Tomography, carries out non-destructive inspection of optocouplers for space missions. An in-depth understanding of critical components’ failure mechanisms is one of the main aspects to raise the reliability of the equipment to the level required by the criticality of these missions.

Bringing an easy-to-use system to X-ray CT | EasyTom S

Verona - 19/04/2022
EasyTom S delivers even the smallest details of your products in 3D. From superior image quality and unmatched simplicity to highly precise measurement & inspection tasks in just one go, it takes entry level to the next level.

X-ray CT, a technology for every stage of fuel cell mobility technology development

Adrien - 21/03/2022
The automotive industry is facing huge challenges especially with the development of NEVs, New Energy Vehicles. In public transportation and distribution, battery-electric vehicles are currently the focus of attention but electromobility is already facing limitations in some areas.

How X-ray CT maximizes your e-bike brakes’ security & reliability?

Ludovic - 14/03/2022
The brake is the most important part of a bike, making cycling safe for everybody and guaranteeing longer distances. Two different types of brakes can be found, whatever the type of bicycle you’re cycling: road bike, e-bike mountain bike… In this article, you will discover how X-ray tomography can ensure the safety and reliability of your braking systems, by discovering in a non-destructive way what is hidden inside the lever and what remains unseen in the caliper.

L'Oréal - sustainable packaging development thanks to X-ray CT

Adrien - 01/03/2022
Since 2007, L'Oréal has been committed to an ambitious policy of sustainable development, with the goal of reducing plastic packaging thanks to X-ray CT.

Getting the most out of your X-ray CT system

Adrien - 15/02/2022
X-ray CT is an innovative technology with numerous applications. Whatever your field, X-ray CT is a technology that can help your business, in one way or another. Let’s see how you can get the most out of your RX Solutions’ CT system.

Overcoming the e-mobility challenges with X-ray tomography

Adrien - 24/01/2022
As the drive towards e-mobility continues the requirements for electric drives are changing. Governments and public bodies continue to press for cleaner transportation, e-mobility solutions are increasingly in demand. New Electric Vehicles (NEVs) offers new potential for sustainable and low emission transportation.