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Every month, RX Solutions publishes new articles in order to give you more insights on x-ray computed tomography. Discover the latest articles written by our X-ray CT experts

Bringing an easy-to-use system to X-ray CT | EasyTom S

Verona - 19/04/2022
EasyTom S delivers even the smallest details of your products in 3D. From superior image quality and unmatched simplicity to highly precise measurement & inspection tasks in just one go, it takes entry level to the next level.

X-ray CT, a technology for every stage of fuel cell mobility technology development

Adrien - 21/03/2022
The automotive industry is facing huge challenges especially with the development of NEVs, New Energy Vehicles. In public transportation and distribution, battery-electric vehicles are currently the focus of attention but electromobility is already facing limitations in some areas.

L'Oréal - sustainable packaging development thanks to X-ray CT

Adrien - 01/03/2022
Since 2007, L'Oréal has been committed to an ambitious policy of sustainable development, with the goal of reducing plastic packaging thanks to X-ray CT.

Turning ideas into reality - how X-ray CT contributes to product development

Verona - 03/01/2022
From inspiration, to design, to prototyping, developing a product can be quite long whether you are starting from square zero or upgrading an existing one. Investigate it with X-ray CT and every step of product development is suddenly faster, easier, more practical.

Inspecting complex aerospace parts with X-ray CT

Morgane - 13/12/2021
For any shape or form of aerospace parts, X-ray CT is effective to check-in product quality, develop improved parts by taking into account security, waste reduction, environmentally friendly materials and most importantly inspecting without destroying the part.

Industry 4.0 challenges and X-ray CT applications

Verona - 25/11/2021
X-ray CT, as a very innovative non-destructive technology, is constantly evolving and is consistent with the demands of Industry 4.0. Indeed, manufacturers aspire to develop a more efficient production process by effectively managing to not only just check the quality of products but to consistently deliver the best quality.

Multiple analyses on composite components with X-ray CT

Paul - 03/11/2021
As very diverse materials, composite components are widely used in various industrial fields such as the aerospace, automotive, naval industries… require high-grade control and inspection operations during the overall production process. X-ray CT, as a powerful non-destructive technology, is used to inspect composite components in an easy way and is the only one giving the ability to see inside the matter.

Why is flexibility important in an X-ray CT system?

Morgane - 05/10/2021
Since X-ray CT, as a non-destructive technology, has been accessible for industrials in flaw detection, failure analysis, and measurement, there are many R&D, quality, or production departments in the industrial sector for which adaptation as quickly and easily as possible to any changes is essential.

Looking after your CT system is simple : The importance of Preventive Maintenance

Frédéric - 27/09/2021
Preventive maintenance is essential to keep your equipment fully operational and in compliance with all regulatory and safety standards. RX Solutions offers preventive maintenance contracts to help prevent unnecessary downtime and extend the lifetime of your X-ray equipment as well as maximize the reliability of your CT system.