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Every month, RX Solutions publishes new articles in order to give you more insights on x-ray computed tomography. Discover the latest articles written by our X-ray CT experts

Energy storage : a global challenge proven by microtomograph

Verona - 26/01/2021
The development of energy storage solutions, especially for batteries, has been one of the most active industrial fields for many years. The stakes are getting higher with the exponential growth of electric mobility, connected objects and means of communication.

How to use an industrial X-Ray CT system?

Ludovic - 19/01/2021
While X-Ray computed tomography is a very innovative technology that has transformed many business areas, its day-to-day usage can often seem a complex cycle. 

How will X-Ray Computed Tomography help your business?

Adrien - 05/01/2021

Investigating inner structures of a solid part is indeed no easy task but it can provide significant advantages to your business : quality control, inspection, defect detection, dimensional metrology…

5 things you need to know before buying an X-Ray industrial CT system

Verona - 22/12/2020

If you’re considering on buying an X-Ray industrial CT system, there are a few things you should keep in mind before investing in such an important purchase.. Without forgetting the price, there a few basics to know.