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Every month, we publish new articles in order to give you more insights into CT scanning and X-ray computed tomography technology. Discover the latest success stories, CT applications in material analyses and geometry & metrology, CT industries such as e-mobility, 3D printing, academic research, and more... written by our CT scan experts. 

Historical journey through tomography

Maéva - 09/04/2024
Découvrez comment la tomographie fait voyager à travers l’histoire tout en permettant la conservation, l’authentification et la pédagogie sur les artefacts historiques. 

CT scanning works with the environment

Marion - 08/01/2024

In a world where environmental responsibility has become crucial, many companies are looking for innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. RX Solutions, the French leader in industrial tomography, sets itself apart by adopting sustainable practices. A concrete example of its commitment to the environment lies in the innovative use of recycled lead for X-ray shielding.

Succeding together : Physical Electronics GMBH & RX Solutions

Marion - 22/11/2023

Distributor for scientific systems with an extensive product portfolio, PHI GmbH supports developers and scientists from industry and academia in answering complex analytical questions. Since 2020, they choose RX Solutions for CT.

How will X-Ray Computed Tomography help your business?

Paul - 06/11/2023

Investigating inner structures of a solid part is indeed no easy task but it can provide significant advantages to your business : quality control, inspection, defect detection, dimensional metrology…

Best practice for better scan results in industrial CT scanning

Marion - 17/10/2023

Industrial CT scanning is a powerful tool that enables companies to inspect and analyze the internal structure of objects and parts. However, to get the best results from your CT scans, it is important to follow some best practices., which we will explore in this article. 

Visualize new aspects of your parts in a lab set-up | UltraTom

Solène - 20/09/2023
UltraTom delivers better visibility for your large and dense parts thanks to its powerful components and the lab CT set-up. For extremely precise images of your products, UltraTom can be tailored to each test requirement, thus precisely addressing even the most challenging 3D applications.

Inspect your parts easily with an all-in-one X-ray solution | X-Act software

Paul - 17/07/2023
X-Act delivers high-level image quality and fast results for any kind of part. As an all-in-one software, included with our hardware, it is used for a detailed evaluation of 2D and 3D inspection of your parts. Available in three user modes, X-Act is an advanced solution for radiography, acquisition and reconstruction that adapts to your level.

Resolution: What does it mean in X-ray CT?

Paul - 01/05/2023
The definition of resolution in X-ray CT is quite complex, and many different terms are used to define this parameter. These different terms need to be clearly defined and understood to compare one CT system to another.

Discover the benefits of having multiple scanning modes on your X-ray CT system

Roland - 10/04/2023
Multiple acquisition modes are available in each RX Solutions X-ray system thanks to the powerful X-Act software suite, including axial, helical, multi-slice, and cone-beam CT. These modes differ in how the sample, the x-ray source and detector are moved and how the data is collected and processed.