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inspection services

RX Solutions offers expertise in X-ray non-destructive testing with 2D radioscopy and 3D computed tomography.


Customers from all industries: Automotive, aerospace, electronics, injection molding, general mechanics rely on our X-Ray inspection service to get easy access to fats 2D radioscopy imaging and powerful 3D computed tomography scanning.

Our inspection department gives them immediate access to a team of experienced X-ray application engineers and to several high-performance CT systems that are capable of delivering a full range of 2D and 3D X-ray CT imaging services. Depending on your needs our team will provide quick 2D radioscopy control of your assembly, thorough metrology and defects inspection of your sample, or a precise comparison of your real part with its CAD model.
Quick inspection services on a single part or on multiple parts will give you the insight you need to validate your product development milestones, to shorten your failure analysis and correction cycles, and to continuously improve your product quality.
Our team is easy to work with: they will analyze your need, provide a proposal with a clear statement of work and detailed deliverables and they will adapt to your schedule even when fast-tracking is required.


  • Contact us
  • Contact us with a short description of your need including a description of your parts (material, size, quantity…)

  • Quote
  • An engineer from our x-ray inspection services department will send you a detailed quotation including a clear statement of work and a detailed description of deliverables you will receive.

  • Ship
  • Parts can be shipped by mail or, if preferred, you can attend the inspection in our facility.

  • Scan / Results
  • We will send you your parts and the results, on a hard disk or via FTP within two weeks’ time maximum. A fast-track 48-hour option is also proposed if you need quick cycle time.

ct systems

Very high-resolution available: voxel size ranges from 0.4 µm to 200 µm.
High energy 230 kV micro-focus.
Large scanning volume up to Ø600 mm x H720 mm (larger object inspection projects possible on demand).

Available X-ray inspections

Material MicroStructure Analysis

Porosity & Inclusion Analyses

Fiber Analyses

Defect Analyses

Welding Characterization

Component Optimization

Assembly Inspection

Failure Analyses

Coordinate Measurement

Wall Thickness Analyses

CAD Comparison

Development & Reverse Engineering