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Getting the most out of your X-ray CT system

by Adrien on 15 Feb 2022 at 13h56
X-ray CT is an innovative technology with numerous applications. Whatever your field, X-ray CT is a technology that can help your business, in one way or another. Let’s see how you can get the most out of your RX Solutions’ CT system. 

First, focus on a long-term relationship with your supplier

People all over the world rely every day on RX Solutions’ CT systems. The X-ray equipment will be central in your lab and most importantly you’ll rely on its results to perform flawlessly. Our customers make a real difference in the world we live in by producing innovations that make the world a safer place and save people's lives all across the world.
A flexible CT system manufacturer that is at your disposal for any follow-ups whether it's technical support or after-sales service, should be on top of the list of your requirements. X-Ray microtomography is a high-tech technology, your business will most definitely need support from experienced engineering staff.

Look after your system 

X-ray CT testing is a unique evaluation technique utilized by professionals for internal structure examination in an industrial procedure. While X-ray computed tomography is a cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized many industries, it does necessitate some minor precautions in order to protect the equipment over time and maximise the system's return on investment.
One of the most important things of ensuring productivity and industrial efficiency, as well as continuing R&D innovation, is avoiding system downtime. System failures caused by a lack of preventive maintenance can severely stifle productivity and even bring it to a halt.
Preventive maintenance is critical to keeping your CT system fully functional and compliant with all regulatory and safety requirements. RX Solutions offers preventive maintenance contracts to help you avoid unneeded downtime, extend the life of your X-ray CT system, and increase the system's reliability. Preventive maintenance also provides an opportunity to spot any operator errors that could lead to equipment failure or safety concerns.

Use it anytime

An X-ray CT system is available anytime. Starting your X-ray system takes only a few minutes, and you don’t need to prepare your sample. Starting a CT scan takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require any preparation of the sample to be inspected.
Furthermore, as soon as the sample is placed inside the X-ray cabinet, when you start the x-rays, you directly see a live 2D projection of the sample. These first pictures already give you much information on the sample internal structures. 

Regardless of the application

X-ray Computed Tomography is the most advanced technology for 3D inspection. As a nondestructive imaging technique, it operates at all stages of the product life cycle. As a powerful 3D method, it offers a significant advantage for various industries because of its ability to reveal hidden details of parts. Thus, getting a perfect insight into the invisible features of parts allows to capture, investigate, measure & analyze internal and external structures of components in a non-destructive way.
CT is a quick and straightforward way to get findings based on a non-destructive method of generating data to characterize interior features and a comprehensive 3D model reconstruction. CT can be used for a variety of jobs, ranging from standard industrial analysis, such as detecting process flaws in samples (voids, cracks, and porosities), to metrology duties, such as dimensional measurements of both the exterior and internal characteristics of complicated geometries.
Whether it is for geometry analyses on a complex assembly or for material analysis on 3D printing parts, your X-ray CT system is able to adapt for any kind of application.

A fast and reliable technology

X-ray CT meet the manufacturer requirements not only to just check the quality of products but to consistently deliver the best quality. In a few minutes, X-ray CT gives a complete 3D rendering enabling the inspection of all the internal structures.


Improved product quality

X-ray industrial CT can help enhance product quality both during development and throughout manufacturing. Because CT scanning may yield extremely precise measurements of a part (including 'hidden' inner characteristics), faults can be detected and corrected during the R&D phase.
It can also be used to guarantee that all components are proper and fit for shipping to clients as part of quality approval processes.

Reduced Time-to-market

X-ray CT  can help you speed up the development of new products. This is especially true when the development involves reverse engineering a product or a legacy part for which no CAD data or technical drawings are available.

ReduceD inspection costs

X-ray CT's ability to inspect components without destroying or disassembling them cuts down on the time it takes for organizations to conduct analysis and testing. It saves time and money by reducing expenditures associated with the destruction of sample pieces during testing and analysis.

X-Ray CT main benefits  

Look into your parts in a non-destructive way
- Faster inspection and deeper level process than with traditional technologies
- Direct visualization of the internal structures
- Results are easily understandable as they are a vision of the reality – not a graph, a curve or a statistical tab. X-ray CT is a visual technology.
- Geometry and material analyses
- A sustainable technology, avoiding destroying a sample and letting the ability to release the sample that has been inspected on the market
- From laboratory system to production shop floor
 X-ray CT is a nondestructive evaluation technique that can generate detailed internal and external views of the full 3D microstructure, without the need for disassembling. X-ray CT is the best technology to get a fast, non-destructive and detailed examination of the internal and external structures or of an industrial component or assembly.
With just a quick CT scan, every structural and dimensional aspect of a workpiece can be assessed through a simple CT dataset. RX Solutions X-ray CT solutions bring innovations into your lab or manufacturing plants, to get all the insights of your EVs’ components and assemblies.

Our innovative X-ray CT solutions are suitable for product development, turning ideas into reality from brainstorming to the actual product ready for manufacturing. User-driven improvements are the core of our business, offering you optimal solutions with the right and powerful interface & components.
For a better understanding of X-ray CT, check our blog or contact an expert at www.rx-solutions.com