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How will X-Ray Computed Tomography help your business?

by Paul on 05 Jan 2021 at 13h59

Investigating the inner structures of a solid part is indeed no easy task but it can provide significant advantages to your business. Starting from the fact that it’s a nondestructive way to capture high resolution 3D images of your parts, most importantly it can also be your go-to tool for quality control, inspection, defect detection, dimensional metrology…

X-Ray computed tomography has made possible the ability for various industries to look into details. When invented during the seventies, it was firstly intended for medical purposes only until it began to be used for industrial applications such as material analysis, geometry & metrology.
In short, without having the need to disassemble an object, X-Ray CT can provide detailed inner structures and measurements. All you have to do is seek further insight into making your product more efficient.

Uses for X-Ray Computed Tomography & benefits for your business: 


Helps with the process of product design thanks to the analysis of 3D generated data


Evaluates the consistency of objects during the manufacturing process in order to increase product quality

Reverse engineering

Inspects the measurements and make an extra replica of an existing product when the design and manufacturing data is not available

Non-contact measurement

Creates the geometry of a part by detecting flaws, investigating porosity & inclusion, analyzing defects…

Contact measurement

Captures single points that are relative to one another in order to analyze localized or small volumes
A wide range of industries such as automotive & aerospace, metal casting, arts, plastic industry… are using the technology of X-Ray Computed Tomography with a common goal: improving their productivity thanks to the possibility of performing high level investigation and accuracy of parts.