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Retour sur CONTROL 2024

Retour sur CONTROL 2024
The world of Quality Control and Metrology once again had the opportunity to showcase its latest innovations. And once again, RX Solutions was exhibiting alongside its German distributor Physical Electronics gmbh.
A very special edition for the company, as we unveiled our new CT scanner, the EasyTom L, to the public for the first time. 
The EasyTom L represents RX Solutions' commitment to technological excellence, offering superior performance, advanced features and enhanced versatility.
Expanding the possibilities of three-dimensional analysis in a wide range of industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive and biology, the EasyTom-L comes equipped with advanced, automated functions.
Combining the best of our expertise in micro- and nanotomography, the EasyTom L is versatile, scalable and easy-to-use. It will enhance analysis and quality control capabilities, supporting a wide range of industrial sectors and academic research.
See you May 6-9, 2025 for a new edition!