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New partnership with Mitutoyo Europe

New partnership with Mitutoyo Europe

Our commitment to innovation and excellence is strengthened with this strategic collaboration.

By combining our expertise in tomography with Mitutoyo's renowned precision measurement capabilities, we eagerly anticipate pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering even more robust solutions to the global community. We are enthusiastic about leveraging Mitutoyo’s exceptional network to enhance the visibility of RX Solutions across industrial sectors, laboratories, and beyond.


Mitutoyo Europe, renowned for its unparalleled precision and dedication to quality, aligns with our core values. Together, we stand poised to redefine industry standards and illuminate new perspectives for our future clients.


This partnership marks a significant milestone in our shared mission to provide cutting-edge solutions to address the most complex industry challenges. We are confident that this collaboration will enhance our position as the preferred provider in the fields of tomography and precision measurement.