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X-Ray scan of a surgical mask

X-Ray scan of a surgical mask
In this time of pandemic, wearing a mask has been recommended by the WHO as one of the different measures that can limit the spread of COVID-19.
At RX Solutions, as we are specialized in X-Ray computed tomography, we decided to investigate the inner structures of a surgical mask. X-Ray computed tomography is  a very precise technology to inspect complex components in a non-destructive way and look into inner structures. For our exemple, the micro-structure & filtration properties of a surgical mask can easily be studied.
The scan was carried out with an EasyTom XL Ultra 160-230, using the 160 kV x-ray tube to reach a 1 µm resolution.  The scanned mask is designed with three different layers. The triple thickness structure can easily be distinguished, showing the layers made of diverse fiber sizes. In addition to the scanning, we used a post-processing software called Volume Graphics to perform an air flow phenomena. Thus, we simulated the air passage through the mask.