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New sample loader available
For EasyTom S

RX Solutions introduces the ability to scan samples’s batch thanks to the new sample loader for its EasyTom S CT system. EasyTom S is the perfect system for R&D, production and manufacturing inspections. Its compact size coupled with its large scanning volume makes this equipement the perfect solution for a lot of applications, ranging from inspection to measuring tasks.

Now, with the new RX Solutions offering of sample loader for EasyTom S, automatic samples batch inspection can be made with rapidity and efficiency that far exceeds the limits of conventionnal CT scans. This new sample loader is proposed as an upgrade for the existing install base, and will be propose as an additional feature for its new equipments. RX Solutions extends the capabilities of its existing EasyTom S install base, by making the sample loader available as a field upgrade option – in addition to offering it with its new equipments.
New RX Solutions EasyTom S option for automatic sample loading and unloading is available. This option, when combined with fast & automated scanning, drastically increases the throughput of your CT system and the overall productivity.
The sample loader add a great flexibility to your system by giving you the ability to scan multiple parts without having any operator intervention.
Automated & Fast-scanning
Scanning a large number of samples can easily be done using the sample loader with micro-CT. For example, when archiving a large number of samples or comparing various samples types, the sample loader is an efficient mean to automate the overall scanning process.
- Automated comparison between several identical components
- Quality control in production and manufacturing
Micro-CT sample loader specifications
- Load up to 5 samples
- Use a predefined or an automatic scanning protocol
- Can be added as an upgrade to your current EasyTom S
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