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Facing the challenges of plastic parts with X-ray CT

by Paul on 24 Dec 2021 at 15h15
From product quality to time to market, plastic-processing companies face numerous challenges in their sector. Starting from a simple plastic shaped part to a more complex one, the plastic industry is more and more demanding of reliability and greater quality of products such as packaging, caps & cups, bottles, assemblies… In any case and for any plastics’ shape or form, X-ray CT is beneficial for prototype development, in-line quality control, injection mold optimization.

X-ray CT overcomes the challenges of plastic parts 

In appearance, there can be nothing wrong with a plastic part. That’s where X-ray CT comes useful: scanning it is seeing inside every little detail with full precision. Thus, this is how X-ray CT, as a powerful non-destructive imaging technique, avoids putting a whole manufacturing process at risk by detecting defects early on and checking every measurement. 
As plastics are used in almost every industry today, including medical devices, automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more… challenges become decisive and greater quality is required. X-ray Computed Tomography provides considerable results for the plastic sector in order to overcome the challenges of abnormalities in the production process, ensure significant quality for product development. 
Plastic is a very low-density material thus easily penetrable with X-rays for easy and fast results. Simpler than ever with new systems developed to improve user experience, with X-ray CT failure is not an option for plastic parts as it improves the overall production & product development process.

Examples of the main CT applications for plastic parts

X-ray Computed Tomography assists the plastic sector in finding find voids, porosities, inclusions, internal stress fractures, first-article inspection, measures, reverse engineering, and even 3D CAD comparisons to confirm the part was made exactly as it was supposed to be. 
Revealing it all in just one simple scan, as seen in these videos:

Benefits of analyzing plastic parts with X-ray CT 

-   Non-destructive technique to avoid losing key information by cutting the parts
-   All-in-one inspection for defect detection, measurements… 
-   Simple operations with fast scans save cost and time 
-   Early defect detection reduces waste and warranty & reclaim issues 
When it comes to assuring the quality of plastic and rubber parts, computed tomography provides a far greater degree of precision and a speedier verification tool.