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Every month, we publish new articles in order to give you more insights into CT scanning and X-ray computed tomography technology. Discover the latest success stories, CT applications in material analyses and geometry & metrology, CT industries such as e-mobility, 3D printing, academic research, and more... written by our CT scan experts. 

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Historical journey through tomography

Maéva - 09/04/2024
Découvrez comment la tomographie fait voyager à travers l’histoire tout en permettant la conservation, l’authentification et la pédagogie sur les artefacts historiques. 

Best practice for better scan results in industrial CT scanning

Marion - 17/10/2023

Industrial CT scanning is a powerful tool that enables companies to inspect and analyze the internal structure of objects and parts. However, to get the best results from your CT scans, it is important to follow some best practices., which we will explore in this article. 

Textile fiber inspection by X-ray Computed Tomography (CT)

Morgane - 19/07/2022

Innovation has been at the core of the textile industry, since the beginning. Always looking for innovative ways to produce and create new fibres and manufacturing processes, X-ray CT as a 3D NDT technology go along with these developments giving precious insights.

Main CT applications for the foundry industry

Morgane - 31/03/2022
Foundry components require many controls and inspections during the overall production process. Computed Tomography (CT) is a powerful non-destructive technology to inspect every sample in an easy way and the only one giving the ability to see inside the matter.

X-ray CT, a technology for every stage of fuel cell mobility technology development

Adrien - 21/03/2022
The automotive industry is facing huge challenges especially with the development of NEVs, New Energy Vehicles. In public transportation and distribution, battery-electric vehicles are currently the focus of attention but electromobility is already facing limitations in some areas.

How X-ray CT maximizes your e-bike brakes’ security & reliability?

Ludovic - 14/03/2022
The brake is the most important part of a bike, making cycling safe for everybody and guaranteeing longer distances. Two different types of brakes can be found, whatever the type of bicycle you’re cycling: road bike, e-bike mountain bike… In this article, you will discover how X-ray tomography can ensure the safety and reliability of your braking systems, by discovering in a non-destructive way what is hidden inside the lever and what remains unseen in the caliper.

Overcoming the e-mobility challenges with X-ray tomography

Paul - 24/01/2022
As the drive towards e-mobility continues the requirements for electric drives are changing. Governments and public bodies continue to press for cleaner transportation, e-mobility solutions are increasingly in demand. New Electric Vehicles (NEVs) offer new potential for sustainable and low-emission transportation.

Life sciences, geology, paleontology... X-ray CT solutions for scientific research

Morgane - 20/01/2022
X-ray Computed Tomography is a powerful technology to inspect and control even the most complex parts and materials in a non-destructive way. The main goal is to generate data and characterize the internal components as well as the complete reconstruction of 3D models. Many fields of academic research such as life sciences, paleontology, geology…, use X-ray CT for their scientific projects.

Turning ideas into reality - how X-ray CT contributes to product development

Verona - 03/01/2022
From inspiration, to design, to prototyping, developing a product can be quite long whether you are starting from square zero or upgrading an existing one. Investigate it with X-ray CT and every step of product development is suddenly faster, easier, more practical.