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Textile fiber inspection by X-ray Computed Tomography (CT)

Morgane - 19/07/2022

Innovation has been at the core of the textile industry, since the beginning. Always looking for innovative ways to produce and create new fibres and manufacturing processes, X-ray CT as a 3D NDT technology go along with these developments giving precious insights.

X-ray CT, a technology for every stage of fuel cell mobility technology development

Adrien - 21/03/2022
The automotive industry is facing huge challenges especially with the development of NEVs, New Energy Vehicles. In public transportation and distribution, battery-electric vehicles are currently the focus of attention but electromobility is already facing limitations in some areas.

How X-ray CT maximizes your e-bike brakes’ security & reliability?

Ludovic - 14/03/2022
The brake is the most important part of a bike, making cycling safe for everybody and guaranteeing longer distances. Two different types of brakes can be found, whatever the type of bicycle you’re cycling: road bike, e-bike mountain bike… In this article, you will discover how X-ray tomography can ensure the safety and reliability of your braking systems, by discovering in a non-destructive way what is hidden inside the lever and what remains unseen in the caliper.

Overcoming the e-mobility challenges with X-ray tomography

Paul - 24/01/2022
As the drive towards e-mobility continues the requirements for electric drives are changing. Governments and public bodies continue to press for cleaner transportation, e-mobility solutions are increasingly in demand. New Electric Vehicles (NEVs) offer new potential for sustainable and low-emission transportation.

Turning ideas into reality - how X-ray CT contributes to product development

Verona - 03/01/2022
From inspiration, to design, to prototyping, developing a product can be quite long whether you are starting from square zero or upgrading an existing one. Investigate it with X-ray CT and every step of product development is suddenly faster, easier, more practical.

Inspecting complex aerospace parts with X-ray CT

Morgane - 13/12/2021
For any shape or form of aerospace parts, X-ray CT is effective to check-in product quality, develop improved parts by taking into account security, waste reduction, environmentally friendly materials and most importantly inspecting without destroying the part.

Industry 4.0 challenges and X-ray CT applications

Verona - 25/11/2021
X-ray CT, as a very innovative non-destructive technology, is constantly evolving and is consistent with the demands of Industry 4.0. Indeed, manufacturers aspire to develop a more efficient production process by effectively managing to not only just check the quality of products but to consistently deliver the best quality.

Multiple analyses on composite components with X-ray CT

Paul - 03/11/2021
As very diverse materials, composite components are widely used in various industrial fields such as the aerospace, automotive, naval industries… require high-grade control and inspection operations during the overall production process. X-ray CT, as a powerful non-destructive technology, is used to inspect composite components in an easy way and is the only one giving the ability to see inside the matter.

X-ray microtomography, a technology at the service of innovation

Adrien - 20/11/2020
Innovation in the fields of electric mobility, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace are pushing manufacturers to design ever more complex components and sub-assemblies.