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Inspect your parts easily with an all-in-one X-ray solution | X-Act software

by Paul on 17 Jul 2023 at 13h25

Check every detail of your products in 2D & 3D with X-Act software
X-Act delivers high-level image quality and fast results for any kind of part. As an all-in-one software, it is used for a detailed evaluation of 2D and 3D inspection of your parts. Available in three user modes, X-Act is an advanced solution for radiography, acquisition and reconstruction that adapts to your level. 




>>> Inspect simply with one solution 

X-ray CT reveals all hidden details of your parts, ensuring you’re one step ahead in your market with improved competitiveness of your products and processes. Various X-ray inspections can be done in a product and an easy-to-use & complete software adapted to your needs is necessary to improve your portfolio.
As an all-in-one software for 2D and 3D inspections of your parts, X-Act combines fast and accurate results with high-level image processing for maximum efficiency. See it all in one go, whether it is for internal defects or metrological evaluation.
With X-Act, everything is combined in a single X-ray software, from the set-up to the CT scans’ full analyses. By integrating a large number of functionalities, in addition to radiography, acquisition and reconstruction, X-Act offers complete and simple inspections.

>>> Ease your workflow

X-ray CT plays a significant role when it comes to having a perfect understanding of your part’s hidden features. Leading to numerous analyses and measurements, X-Act is shaped for your needs depending if you want simple or complex radiography and tomography tasks.
User experience is at the core of X-Act. From one advanced solution you get three user modes: X-Act Expert, Guided acquisition mode is designed to configure the acquisition parameters step by step with the user and suggest the preferable settings values at each step, Wizard mode is a fully automatic acquisition tool where the user acts as supervisor and the complete acquisition process is defined and executed by the system. Regardless of your expertise, you get comprehensive results of the highest quality.
Benefit from a complete and easy-to-use solution that offers less efforts with greater automation. By avoiding time and money-consuming tasks, X-Act is programmed to be reliable and get results at a glance for both skilled and non-skilled operators.

>>> Make flexibility your goal

Designed to be flexible, X-Act is the ideal software that adapts to your specific needs and usage. With its multiple scanning strategies such as advanced artefacts correction, automation, macro & scripting… X-Act challenges you to go further by solving complex inspection tasks whatever your application.
On the cutting edge of technological advancement to adapt to consumers’ changing demands and expectations, X-Act benefits from two new releases per year. The ideal software that adapts to your specific needs, evolves every year to improve user experience and make possible complex tasks.
In search of better understanding and improving your parts? Read all the details and technical specifications of X-Act here.