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Every month, we publish new articles in order to give you more insights into CT scanning and X-ray computed tomography technology. Discover the latest success stories, CT applications in material analyses and geometry & metrology, CT industries such as e-mobility, 3D printing, academic research, and more... written by our CT scan experts. 

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Visualize new aspects of your parts in a lab set-up | UltraTom

Solène - 20/09/2023
UltraTom delivers better visibility for your large and dense parts thanks to its powerful components and the lab CT set-up. For extremely precise images of your products, UltraTom can be tailored to each test requirement, thus precisely addressing even the most challenging 3D applications.

Inspect your parts easily with an all-in-one X-ray solution | X-Act software

Paul - 17/07/2023
X-Act delivers high-level image quality and fast results for any kind of part. As an all-in-one software, included with our hardware, it is used for a detailed evaluation of 2D and 3D inspection of your parts. Available in three user modes, X-Act is an advanced solution for radiography, acquisition and reconstruction that adapts to your level.

Dual Tube High Energy (DTHE) - An innovative setup that pushes the limits of X-ray CT

Solène - 24/11/2022
Challenges in X-ray microCT are growing as fast as technology. MATEIS Laboratory has recently received a new microCT platform developed by RX Solutions with unique features worldwide. The DTHE, stating for Dual Tomograph for High Energy is a double tomograph designed around one rotation axis and two 300 kV X-ray lines. 

Bringing an easy-to-use system to X-ray CT | EasyTom S

Verona - 29/09/2022
EasyTom S delivers even the smallest details of your products in 3D. From superior image quality and unmatched simplicity to highly precise measurement & inspection tasks in just one go, it takes entry level to the next level.