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Nano-tomography: explore your applications beyond the limits

by Morgane on 23 Feb 2021 at 12h04

X-ray nano-tomography is a highly precise technology for 3D rendering images at sub-micron resolution. This notion is established on an additional expansion of micro-CT existing technology. Thus, by improving the spatial resolution, parts’ structures at a cellular level become visible. This new approach can clearly be named Nano-CT whereas the term nano is used to indicate that the pixel sizes of the cross-sections are in the nanometer range.

Introduction to Nano CT

As a reminder, X-ray tomography is a non-destructive technology used as an imaging technique for the inspection of the internal and external structures of parts in many industries. Over the last ten years, nano-tomography or high-resolution computed-tomography has been improved to offer new imaging possibilities.
Nano-CT image acquisition can be generated from sample processing conducted with very little sample preparation. Industrial materials, but also other samples, can be scanned as-is. This meaning that sample preparation time can be decreased, which gives us a cost reduction operation.
Depending on the application, the focal spot size can be lessened down to diameters less than 400 nanometers (nm). In conjunction with specific & powerful detectors, a greater resolution up to 400 nm can be achieved, thereby exceeding the resolution capacity of traditional micro CT systems.
The size of the focal spot during the X-ray sources transmission is the key difference between Micro-CT and Nano-CT:
- Nano-CT are systems with spot sizes measured with nanometers
- Micro-CT are systems with spot sizes measured in microns
From this observation, we can state that the smaller the spot size, the greater the detail recognition and sample penetration.

Nano - CT on a composite sample as follows:

- resolution of 0.7 µm
- sub volume extraction also called ROI (Region of Interest)

Fiber Orientation 

 composite 3D


Fiber Length

 composite 3D

Before Filtering

composite 3D
Like traditional micro-CT, nano-CT is constantly being improved upon as one of the more promising developments in this field of imaging technology, among many others. As a major area of research, Nano-CT for various applications is set to continue over the coming decades. 
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