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Every month, we publish new articles in order to give you more insights into CT scanning and X-ray computed tomography technology. Discover the latest success stories, CT applications in material analyses and geometry & metrology, CT industries such as e-mobility, 3D printing, academic research, and more... written by our CT scan experts. 

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Assembly inspection of complex parts with X-ray CT

Roland - 13/09/2021
When an object is assembled from different components, it represents multiple hidden features and important characteristics. X-ray CT can be used to investigate the assembly quality, at any step of the production process, with the distinct advantage of providing an internal and external visualization of the object without having to disassemble it and lose crucial information.

Optimizing the reverse engineering process with X-ray CT

Paul - 29/08/2021
Reverse engineering is the production of a real part into a digital dataset. As there are various ways to do so, X-ray CT proves to be the fastest technology to generate a 3D model of a real part.

Improving defect analysis with X-ray CT

Ludovic - 16/08/2021
As a non-destructive imaging technique, X-ray CT allows the inspection of defects in the material's structure such as cracks, porosities, or inclusions. A multitude of industrial applications requires the use of computed tomography, to control manufacturing objects during the production stage.

Understanding and correcting image artefacts in X-ray CT scans

Morgane - 09/08/2021
While X-ray CT is a very innovative technology, there can be some issues to image quality in what we call artefacts. Understanding artefacts is important as you need to differentiate them from real parts features, thus correcting artefacts is possible as there are multiple options in order to minimize them.

The potential of 4D inspection

Verona - 21/06/2021
What we call 4D or fourth dimension is essentially the same as the 3D with the addition of time dimension. Thanks to this innovative technology, an object is united into a whole in space and time.

Nano-tomography: explore your applications beyond the limits

Morgane - 23/02/2021
X-ray nano-tomography is a highly precise technology for 3D rendering images at sub-micron resolution. This notion is established on an additional expansion of micro-CT existing technology.

X-ray CT as an Advanced 3D Metrology Technique

Roland - 18/12/2020

Modern manufacturing is one of the leading industries in terms of digital transformation, implementing advanced 3D metrology techniques to optimize processes and cut costs. In recent years, advanced 3D metrology has evolved into something that provides an invaluable insight into manufacturing processes and the parts that they produce.