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X-ray microtomography, a technology at the service of innovation

by Adrien on 20 Nov 2020 at 17h34

What is x-ray micro-CT

Micro-tomography, an X-ray imaging technology, runs throughout the life cycle of a component, from its development to its market launch. This test and inspection technology helps reduce development time by providing a lot of information, both structural and dimensional, in a non-destructive way. Microtomography also makes it possible to inspect and control components during the production phase, before they are launched on the market.
Microtomography, an X-ray imaging technology, offers the possibility of viewing the interior of a material or component without destroying it. Microtomography has become the main non-destructive 3D imaging technology. It is widely used in materials science but also for the characterization of all types of industrial components and assemblies.
Microtomography is the most powerful technology to perform a rapid, non-destructive and detailed examination of the internal and external structures of a sample, a component or even an industrial assembly. From a rapid scan by microtomography, a digital 3D representation of the sample is created and this allows easy evaluation of all its structural and dimensional aspects.

Microtomography is an advanced imaging technology, which offers complete visualization of the internal structure of a component or subassembly. With great flexibility, microtomography allows the inspection and control of components and subassemblies of various sizes.
Microtomography is a powerful technology that allows you to easily characterize components, even the most complex, or the materials that compose them. This non-destructive technology then offers the possibility of carrying out numerous analyzes: materials analyses, defects analyses (porosities, inclusions), microstructure analysis, fibers analyses or even assembly and first article inspections.
Easy to implement, fully automated and offering comprehensive results, X-ray microtomography is a cutting-edge technology that makes the invisible visible.

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