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In-Line CT: Fully Automated X-ray Inspection for Production

by Adrien on 25 Oct 2020 at 14h17
Nowadays, industrial manufacturing produces parts more and more complex that cost a lot to produce and requires many manufacturing steps before being released on the market. RX Solutions X-ray CT serie is specifically designed to answer manufacturer issues. X-ray CT for production requires a very high reliability level for the inspection equipment as well as a high degree of reproducibility. RX Solution’s X-ray CT serie was specifically designed to meet these production expectations.

From R&D laboratory to the production shop-floor

X-ray computed tomography is a technology that first started in the industrial world through R&D laboratory for product development.
Now, x-ray computed tomography can be integrated directly on the production line. It is very important for parts to be inspected as comprehensively and non-destructively as possible directly where they are produced.
Thanks to inline CT, parts in production can directly be inspected and separated into groups of good or bad parts in a few seconds. X-ray CT for production environment is a great tool for part revision or changes in the production process.

Fast Computed Tomography for Automated Inspection

Production is driven by the cycle time, which is the main parameter that needs to remain as low as possible. Inline CT steadily reduced the amount of time necessary for a complete inspection and steadily increase part’ insights. Combined with automatic handling and loading system it is often feasible to scan a large number of parts per day.
Scanning a large number of samples can be made quickly and efficiently without operator intervention. It allows achieving a higher inspection rate or throughput for many applications.

Automated the overall CT process

RX Solutions CT Serie is delivered with full-featured “X-Act” software, a proprietary SW suite that streamlines CT acquisition and CT reconstruction applies powerful artifact correction algorithms, and automates the complete workflow across scanning, reconstruction, and inspection.
This powerful in-house X-ray software integrates a complete interface to inspect accurately your samples. It delivers a control report with images to ensure the highest quality CT solutions.


Production CT system requires a high degree of reliability and reproducibility. Following that goal, X-ray CT systems can be upgraded with a robotic arm, able to load and unload samples automatically. RX Solutions CT Serie minimizes operators’ interventions: parts positioned by the operator or by a robotic arm are automatically introduced and placed on the rotation stage.
In addition, a simple user interface with a large touch screen is ideal for operating the equipment in shop-floor conditions even for non-expert operators.

DISCOVER RX Solutions CT porTfolio

RX Solutions offers complete and powerful X-ray CT systems with the finest level of detail: resolution down to sub-micron level, covering both industrial and academic applications.
CT systems portfolio covers a large scale of analysis, from Micro focus (4 µm) to Nano focus (0.4 µm) to satisfy a broad spectrum of applications.