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Assembly inspection of complex parts with X-ray CT

by Roland on 13 Sep 2021 at 11h44
Compared to most Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques, X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) is not limited to sample geometry, it also allows inspection of assemblies and/or complex parts. When an object is assembled from different components, it represents multiple hidden features and important characteristics. X-ray CT can be used to investigate the assembly quality, at any step of the production process, with the distinct advantage of providing an internal and external visualization of the object without having to disassemble it and lose crucial information.

X-ray CT offers a complete inspection of complex assemblies

Because in many industries such as electronics, there are parts developed of complex assemblies that need first and foremost an identifying of all of the components to which the main part is linked in order to determine the underlying cause of failure. 
The industries mentioned above often use destructive technologies or manual processes that are very time-consuming, error-prone, and operator-dependent. To avoid such challenges X-ray CT enables you a faster process, all by reducing costs & time. In addition, reliable inspection and analysis of such complex assemblies are now possible thanks to X-ray CT and 3D image processing non-destructive techniques. Hence, X-ray CT applications make failure analysis and measurement of assemblies easier as they boost product development & production productivity substantially.

Typical assembly inspection with X-ray CT 

The two videos:
- Electrical switch
- Tomography carried out with our EasyTom S
- Multi-material interior

Benefits of inspecting complex assemblies with X-ray CT

As complex assemblies are mostly used/produced in industrial sectors that need high-quality parts such as electronics, medical etc..., X-ray CT is especially useful for their inspection and offers many benefits: 
-  No need to lose key information with destructing techniques
-  Reliable inspection for internal failures, measurement, defects…
-  Improved efficiency by reducing time of inspection
-  Product life cycle boost for development and production & quality control
For such critical components and assemblies usually made with multi-material parts, challenges to inspecting their reliability are numerous. X-ray CT provides a greater comprehension of parts' assembly and offers an improvement of product quality.