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Our Services department
extends its offer

RX Solutions, specialized in the design of X-ray industrial computed tomography system, extends its tomography Services offer. Our company has several Micro and Nano tomography systems and a technical team dedicated to the Services. This department benefits from the latest technological advances, and highlights the experience and know-how of RX Solutions to answer every common CT applications: metrology, materials analysis, assembly control, failures and defects inspections...

The service department covers every common CT applications and the systems can be used to scan many different types of samples. The services department has just added a new device to its machine park: an equipment that combine high power (225 kV) and high-resolution. This equipment, with a large scanning volume, allows to reach resolutions up to 350nm and enables the realization of 3D scans at very high resolution, usually only achievable with Synchrotron installations, thus opening new fields of applications to companies and laboratories.
This new equipment, which complements its park of micro-CT scanners, makes this laboratory unique, one of the only capable of providing tomographic analyses to millimeter, micrometric and nanoscale resolutions.
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