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Ultimate flexibility X-Ray Micro and Nano CT System

CT System for Academic Research and Industrial R&D

UltraTom is an open and flexible system which is ideal for academic research and for industrial R&D applications.  Hosted in a large bunker integrated inside your facility, UltraTom can be tailored to each test requirement. The space all-around the system enables easy access even to setup the most comprehensive in-situ CT experiments. This powerful open CT system has been designed to perfectly address the most challenging 3D applications ranging from material research to industrial applications in R&D, quality assurance and production.


Flexible X-ray system

The UltraTom CT system allows maximum flexibility in terms of sample size and orientation. With a very large scanning volume, UltraTom allows to visualize, measure and analyze even large components or assemblies with high resolution. The 7 motion axes allow easy positioning of parts that can weigh up to 100kg. Both the imager and the tube can be shifted allowing the inspection of even larger parts. This great flexibility of parts positioning and adjustable distance between the source and the detector, leads to easier, faster and higher quality acquisitions.

High Power and High-Resolution Nano & Micro configurations

UltraTom can be equipped with a combination of up to three high power and high-resolution X-Ray sources and with a large choice of flat panel detectors and cameras which can easily be swapped to configure the system in order to match the most demanding application requirements.
With an ultimate resolution down to 350 nm (0,35 µm) UltraTom provides sharp details and the balanced contrast and brightness needed for high quality imaging even at low energy levels.

A powerful X-ray software

Proprietary "X-Act" software delivers powerful results and breakthrough image quality across the entire RX Solutions' range of CT Systems. UltraTom integrates the full featured “X-Act” software suite, that streamlines acquisition, enhances reconstruction with advanced corrective algorithms, and is capable of fully automated workflow all the way through scanning, reconstruction, and inspection steps.




  • Modular design: Highly modular system allowing a combination of high power and high resolution X-Ray sources: Up to 3 X-ray tubes including nano-focus 160 kV & micro-focus 230 kV
  • User friendly: CT system in a shielded bunker room with an easy access to the rotation stage
  • Lab CT system: Ideal for very large in-situ CT experiments
  • Flexible: Large inspection volume with multiple axes (ø 390 mm x 500 mm) height with 7 mechanical axes
  • Finest stability: First-class mechanics with high precision granite table and air bearing axes that guarantees stiffness, stability and positioning using high precision linear encoders
  • Top performance: Outstanding CT resolution 350 nm (0,35 µm) – High power up to 230 kV.
  • Open design: Laboratory set-ups that can be customized according to your applications: for linear detectors, high speed cameras ...
  • Easy Maintenance: High-grade X-ray sources – sealed and open tube technologies for reduced system downtime



« L’UltraTom de RX Solutions permet à nos laboratoires de recherche en ingénierie des matériaux d’effectuer des analyses à très haute résolution et de bénéficier d’un système adaptable à des configurations de mesures complexes. »

Institute of Civil Engineering

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Training - SUPPORT & services

Training - Support & Services

Our Services Team will support you from system planning and installation to system operation and maintenance. They will provide you with basic and expert training, with hot line support and remote assistance and with comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance contracts.  

We will ensure that your CT system is kept upgraded with the latest functionalities we develop, to enhance its performance and to better serve your applications. Our Services Team will help prevent unnecessary downtime and extend the lifetime of your CT system to maximize your return on investment.