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Dual Tube High Energy (DTHE) - An innovative setup that pushes the limits of X-ray CT

by Solène on 24 Nov 2022 at 13h56
Challenges in X-ray microCT are growing as fast as technology. MATEIS Laboratory has recently received a new microCT platform developed by RX Solutions with unique features worldwide. The DTHE, stating for Dual Tomograph for High Energy is a double tomograph designed around one rotation axis and two 300 kV X-ray lines.
The goal of the platform is to open wide the research and development on dense or large samples thanks to microCT at high resolution and high energy. Beyond the very first and obvious advantages of such a system, the researchers will be able to dig deep into new and unexplored X-ray CT possibilities.

the origin of the project

The project was initiated by MATEIS laboratory, part of INSA Lyon University. This laboratory already owned two different X-ray CT systems and is reknown in France and abroad for X-ray CT technology. 
MATEIS, a material science research center in France, was one of the first to apply X-ray micro-CT for 3D material characterization. Several in situ cells have also been built by the lab for thermal and mechanical stimulation of the material during CT capture. The two systems in the lab required to be completed by a high energy installation to meet the needs of additive manufacturing, as well as other production methods of dense materials examined at the lab.

innovation at its best

This new platform opens new perspectives and allows advances in three directions:
• Multiple high density material,
• In-situ experiments,
• Very large parts.
The DTHE is based on two perpendicular lines, with on each line a 300 kV X-ray generator coupled with a 4343 flat panel detector. The sample is placed on the top of 2 crossed centering axes.
All components are driven by X-Act software, the in-house software developed by RX Solutions team. The software drives the axes, the X-ray tubes, the imagers and allows the user to easily control the very complex system and run single or combined CT scans via a user-friendly interface.  



The DTHE will enable the realization of multiple scans at the same time, with for example different energy levels. The DTHE is a unique dual microCT solution. Only a few X-ray imaging systems over the world allow simultaneous acquisition of 2D images, and even fewer allow 3D micro-CT. RX Solutions already demonstrated the possibility of 2 simultaneous CT scans with neutrons and X-rays at ILL in Grenoble.
- Fast Scans
The simplest and most obvious application of the merged lines is to speed up scanning while maintaining image quality. Reducing the averaging time per angular location by a factor of two and rotate through 360° is a simple and basic solution. However, in order to fill in the X-ray projection space adequately, the acquisition technique will need to be calculated or simulated. The imager's position, the number of projections, and the overall rotation angle are only a few of the characteristics that may be tweaked to improve speed, resolution, contrast, and so on.
- Multiscale
The platform's mechanical adaptability will allow for different distances and magnification between the two lines. The ability to execute two CT scans on two different fields of view with various voxel sizes at the same time paves the way for in-situ multiscale imaging.
- Multi energy
Multi energy CT involves the acquisition of CT measurements at two or more energy spectra, which allows material characterization beyond that possible with conventional CT. The dual-source CT opens up new possibilities, such as the scan at two different energy levels simultaneously. Each of these energy levels will underline a particular specification of the sample.
Following medical applications where it is frequently employed, multi-energy scans are an active subject of research for NDT CT. There is still much work to be done in order to fully comprehend how these acquisition strategies might improve material science. The DTHE will facilitate the obtention of experimental results in this research field.

first result

Thanks to the multienergy capability, RX Solutions' DTHE speed up and enhance the acquisition of multi-material part. An example besides, with an Al housing embodying steel inserts example on the left (voxel size: 100 µm).  

DTHE main benefits  

Look into your parts in a non-destructive way
- Two scans at the same time with different parameters on each line 
- Enhance multi-materials scans 
- Results are easily understandable as they are a vision of the reality – not a graph, a curve or a statistical tab. X-ray CT is a visual technology.
- Geometry and material analyses
- A sustainable technology, avoiding destroying a sample and letting the ability to release the sample that has been inspected on the market
 X-ray CT is a nondestructive evaluation technique that can generate detailed internal and external views of the full 3D microstructure, without the need for disassembling. X-ray CT is the best technology to get a fast, non-destructive and detailed examination of the internal and external structures or of an industrial component or assembly.

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