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Bringing an easy-to-use system to X-ray CT | EasyTom S

by Verona on 29 Sep 2022 at 16h34

A look through what's possible for your products
EasyTom S delivers even the smallest details of your products in 3D. From superior image quality and unmatched simplicity to highly precise measurement & inspection tasks in just one go, it takes entry level to the next level.  




>>> Work smarter not harder

Industries evolve with time and with the prompt arrival of Industry 4.0 processes, products and the way we work are directly influenced. X-ray CT participates to this expansion by offering a versatile piece of equipment such as EasyTom S that adapts to each one of your needs and applications.
By having a simplified set-up and being compact, the operations are simple for every user, whatever your expertise. That is why little to no training is needed with the EasyTom S, as anyone from expert to beginner can perform complex inspection tasks in only one scan.
With full inspection in just one go, otherwise hidden internal and external structures of your part can be easily detected with precision thanks to its high resolution. As stated above, user experience was the main goal when this CT system was developed. That is why we brought simplicity to X-ray CT: the scanning set-up is easy as never seen before and the 2D and/or 3D results are readable and understandable by anyone. Error-proneness is reduced, money and time is saved.

>>> Improve your products

X-ray CT turns ideas into reality, whether it is in product development or production & quality process. By allowing you to have a perfect understanding of your part’s hidden features and detecting defects early on, your product’s quality is increased.
With spot-on results for mid to small size parts, whatever the material, the EasyTom S delivers every insight available to see whether it is for applications in material analyses (porosities, defects) and geometry & metrology.
The EasyTom S improves your products and makes 3D renderings of your parts powerfully accurate as it allows you to: compare your product with its CAD nominal model, find the best and most innovative material for your part, avoid defects that impact a product’s features…

>>> Invest into the future

Both operationally and financially, the EasyTom S is a cost-effective piece of equipment. In addition to its affordable purchase cost, the EasyTom S has been developed to have minimal operating costs due mainly to high-quality components that are maintenance-free and powerful X-ray software that is included.
As a sustainable and long-lasting investment, the EasyTom S reduces the time and costs it takes to improve a product’s quality or create a new one. By simplifying the testing and full inspection of your product, the EasyTom S lets you spend more time on bringing new and improved ideas to life for your customers rather than losing it in inspection processes.
Thanks to its smart design and small footprint, X-ray CT is made easy for any product & any operator and it can be positioned flexibly at any work environment with easy installation. In addition, by being a versatile system that can be configured according to your needs, the EasyTom S maximizes your workflow productivity.

Take a look at how L'Oréal successfully uses X-ray CT with EasyTom S 

The challenge

Developing more sustainable packaging with the goal of reducing plastic 


The solution


High-quality results for complex assembled packaging thanks to the fast scans and simplicity of EasyTom S 


The benefits


Improving product quality, reducing unnecessary packaging, and choosing the most reliable and sustainable material

In search for simplicity in X-ray CT? Read all the details and technical specifications of EasyTom S here.