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Visualize new aspects of your parts in a lab set-up | UltraTom

by Solène on 20 Sep 2023 at 16h34

Visualize new aspects of your parts in a lab set-up
UltraTom delivers better visibility for your large and dense parts thanks to its powerful components and the lab CT set-up. For extremely precise images of your products, UltraTom can be tailored to each test requirement, thus precisely addressing even the most challenging 3D applications.



>>> Customize a lab set-up for your applications

Get the freedom to rapidly adapt to market challenges by testing the quality of your products thanks to X-ray vision. UltraTom, delivered in a lab CT set-up, is customized for your applications. By offering various and most powerful X-ray sources and detectors, you have the possibility to combine multiple sources for maximum penetration and upgrading at any moment. This guarantees a very high resolution and short scanning time.
Ideal for research, UltraTom addresses the most challenging 3D applications of your large and dense parts, ranging from material research for academics to industrial applications in R&D, quality assurance, and production.

>>> Navigate freely and surely

With its open design, UltraTom allows easy access to any kind of part especially large and dense ones. Hosted in a large shielded room entirely secure, UltraTom is easily integrated into any facility.
The space all around the system allows greater flexibility in terms of sample positioning, orientation, and adjustable distance between the source and the detector leading to easier, faster, and higher quality image acquisitions.

>>> Make new discoveries and see more

For a better visibility, scan your parts in various testing close-to-reality conditions, such as in situ testing for dimensional measurements and material testing with tensile, compression, bending, and temperature testing devices.
Looking within your parts with UltraTom in situ you can improve material reliability and get advanced results for the quality of your parts.

The challenge

Improving embedded on-board electronics by analyzing failure modes


The solution


Extremely accurate quality control with multiple scanning configurations thanks to the flexibility of EasyTom


The benefits


Ensuring the greatest product quality and avoiding errors before launching the manufacturing process, thus saving time, money, warranty & reclaim issues

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