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Every month, we publish new articles in order to give you more insights into CT scanning and X-ray computed tomography technology. Discover the latest success stories, CT applications in material analyses and geometry & metrology, CT industries such as e-mobility, 3D printing, academic research, and more... written by our CT scan experts. 

X-ray CT as an Advanced 3D Metrology Technique

Roland - 18/12/2020

Modern manufacturing is one of the leading industries in terms of digital transformation, implementing advanced 3D metrology techniques to optimize processes and cut costs. In recent years, advanced 3D metrology has evolved into something that provides an invaluable insight into manufacturing processes and the parts that they produce.


X-ray microtomography, a technology at the service of innovation

Adrien - 20/11/2020
Innovation in the fields of electric mobility, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace are pushing manufacturers to design ever more complex components and sub-assemblies. 

In-Line CT: Fully Automated X-ray Inspection for Production

Adrien - 25/10/2020
Nowadays, industrial manufacturing produces parts more and more complex that cost a lot to produce and requires many manufacturing steps before being released on the market. RX Solutions X-ray CT serie is specifically designed to answer manufacturer issues.